tamil poet vellavooregopal

Kannimalar (Kavithai Thokupu)

The name of this book is Kannimalar a kind of poetic novel . This book made my debut in 1964 as a writer at the age of 19.
I received special award for this book as a student writer in saakithiya villa conducted by the ministry of cultural affairs Srilanka.


This is my second poetic novel published in 1968.

Oru Kaanir Kaaviyam( Poetic Novel)

This book had been published in 1972. Oru Kannir Kaaviyam was outcome of the deep love story of my friends ended up with tragedy.

Kokkadducholai Thaanthonricharam(Religious Novel)

The name of this book is kokkadducholai Thannthonricharam a kind of religious research book published in 1992.
This book revealed lots of  historical truth behind the temple Kokkaducholai Thaanthonricharam.
 I received the honorable award from the ministry of cultural affairs Srilanka for this book.

Mutrup peratha Kaaviyam

This is another love story written in richly poetic language. This had been published in 1995 and I received North Eastern saakithiya award for this work from the ministry of cultural affairs.

Ithaya Sankamam

This book had been published in India in 1998. It was another kind of poetic novel.

Nencha Kanal

This is another tamil kaaviyam published in 2002 in India.

Tamilaka Vanniyarum Eelathu Vaaniyarum

This is the first generic research book describes the relations between Vanniyar community in Tamil Nadu and Srilanka published in 2003.

Tsunami Oru Meel Paarvai

This is another research book describing the facts behind the deadly Tsunami published in 2005. This work covers the impact of the devastating Tsunami left behind thousands of victims in our home land in 2004.

Mattakalapu Varalaaru Arimukam

This is the historical research book describes the history and culture of my home land Batticaloa published in 2005.
I received saakithiya viruthu, yaal ilakiya viruthu and best researcher award from Batticaloa cultural peravai for this book.

Malayala Naadum Mattakalapum

This is one of the first research book revealed the close relations between Batticaloa and Kerela in culture and traditions published in 2007.

Vellavoorgopal Kavithaikal

I have published this book in 2009 which is the consolidation of all my poems published in various medias,books and magazines.

Mulumai Patriya Sinthanaikal

This is my first logical book published in 2009.

tamil poet vellavooregopal